Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:32pm

Tokyo, Japan - 07.11.14 [x]
Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:04pm

"Music is not a fucking soda. It is not a fucking insurance rate. It is not a fucking T-shirt. It is the only real religion that is worth devoting your soul to. It is the last remnant of the primal scream, the funeral dirge, and the wedding march. It is the light that keeps me out of the shadows, and it is the reason my immortal soul is not in dire straits." - Corey Taylor
for my lovely Verna & Nara
Saturday Jul 7 @ 02:35pm
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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand

Saturday Jul 7 @ 02:07pm

From yesterday’s interview with Michael Pitt for I ORIGINS.
Saturday Jul 7 @ 01:39pm



my kids arent going to have bunkbeds they’re going to have punkbeds because i’ll be a hardcore mom

Defend top bunk

Saturday Jul 7 @ 01:11pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 12:42pm

Halloween 4 (1988)
Saturday Jul 7 @ 12:14pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:46am

Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:18am
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