Halloween (1978)

It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

Saturday Sep 9 @ 09:37pm

Saturday Sep 9 @ 10:49am

Frankensteins Monster | A4 | Graphite on Paper
When I looked around I saw none and heard of none like me. 
Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth 
from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?
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Saturday Sep 9 @ 10:21am

Slipknot - The Devil In I (Chorus)

Saturday Sep 9 @ 09:53am
Saturday Sep 9 @ 09:24am
Saturday Sep 9 @ 08:58am


I’m trying hard to live by Cat Principles.

1- I am glorious above all things
2- Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, play when bored
3- Affection is given and received on my terms and only mine
4- Show displeasure clearly.
5- NO
6- Demand the things you want. If they aren’t given, demand them again, but louder this time.
7- If you are touched when you don’t want to be, say so. If they continue to touch you, make them bleed.

Friday Sep 9 @ 07:46pm


“I realize that I can be eccentric, egotistic, and temperamental. But I’m also a really good artist and a generous person. Do you really expect anyone to be well adjusted all the time?” - Courtney Love

Friday Sep 9 @ 09:53am
Friday Sep 9 @ 09:25am
Friday Sep 9 @ 08:56am
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